Keywords : biliary diseases

Management of Choledochal Cysts In Gastroenterology and Hepatology Teaching Hospital

Mohamed H Suadi; Wesam Shakir Hameed; Laith. R. Alhadad

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 4, Pages 516-523

A Choledochal cyst is a rare biliary disease mostly presenting during childhood. Adult presentation is rare and associated diseases and complications are common.
This study aims to review the management of patients who presented to our hospital with choledochal cysts, focusing on their presentation, preoperative investigations, treatment given and postoperative course.
A prospective and retrospective review of all our choledochal cysts patients from April 2000 to November 2010 was performed
There were twenty three patients, sixteen females and seven males the average age was 25.82 (range 4-70) years. The commonest presenting complaints were abdominal pain or jaundice. There were eighteen Types I (78.2 %), two of the adult patients had concomitant cholangiocarcinoma (8.6 %), and four patients had cholangitis (two of them had associated cystolithiasis). Fourteen patients treated by total cyst excision with hepaticojejunostomy,
Adult patients with choledochal cysts have associated biliary problems. In view of the high risk of cholangiocarcinoma, early resection and not internal drainage is the appropriate treatment.