Keywords : hypochromic microcytic

Non Leukaemic Chidhood Anaemia in Mosul

Sana M. Taib

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 0, Pages 694-697

Anaemia is not a disease by it self but it is a sign not diagnosis of many disease and anaemia is very common among children.
To assess the frequency of anaemia among childen
This study include (408) anaemic children (243 male and 165 female) with ratio (1.4:1) their haemoglobin level was below 10g/ dL .
They were admitted to paediatric hospital in Mosul . Routine haematological tests were done and some special haematological tests were performed when indicated.
Three hundred children (300) out of 408 (73.5%) were admitted because of infection. The most common type of anaemia was normochromic normocytic (53.18%) , the second type of anaemia was hypochromic microcytic (32.11%), haemolytic anaemia represented (8.83%), the rest type of anaemia were normochromic macrocytic anaemia (5.14%) and dimorphic anaemia was (0.74%).
Anaemia is a common paediatric problem and iron deficiency anaemia is the commonest cause of childhood anaemia so that the main focus for prevention of this needs to be on education around childhood nutrition