Keywords : cyst

Surgical Experience in Mediastinal Cysts: At the Thoracic and Vascular Department in Ghazi Al Hariri, Surgical Subspecialties Hospital, Medical City,Baghdad, Iraq

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2018, Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 315-321

Cystic lesions of the mediastinum are not uncommon, comprising 20% to 32% of all primary
mediastinal tumors. They are particularly significant because of the difficulty in making a
differential diagnosis: they can simulate multiple lesions, both benign and malignant.
The objectives of this study were to review the clinical presentations and the results of surgery in
patients with mediastinal cysts.
A retrospective study of twenty-two patients with mediastinal cysts, who were admitted and
surgically treated at Ghazi Al-Hariri for surgical sub specialties hospital during ten years from
January 2003 to December 2013. Clinical features, imaging techniques, surgical approaches,
morbidity, mortality and follow-up were analyzed.
Out of twenty-two patients with mediastinal cysts, there were 13 males (59.09%) and 9 females
(40.9%) patients. There were 12 pediatric (54.54%) patients ≤ 16 years of age and 10 adults
(45.45%) patients (age range, 36 days to 40 years; average age, 20 years). All patients with
mediastinal cysts were symptomatic. Overall common symptoms were dyspnea (68.1%), followed
by cough (50%), chest pain (31.8%), tachypnea (4.5%), dysphagia (4.5%), vomiting (4.5%), and
fever (4.5%). Cysts excision were performed in all cases with an uneventful recovery and with no
recurrence during the follow up period.
Most of mediastinal cysts located at middle compartment, Surgery for mediastinal cysts is
associated with low morbidity and mortality rates and a very low recurrence rate. It offers a
definitive diagnosis and cure.