Keywords : new modification

New Modification of Chevron Osteotomy in the Treatment of Hallux Valgus

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2020, Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages 194-198

The Corless original chevron osteotomy is a 60 degree V shaped cut which had been described in
1976 to address some of the drawbacks in Mitchell's procedure, several modifications since there
had been added both to extend the indications and to improve the stability of the cheveron
osteotomy. In our study, we used the 90 degrees angle cut but kept the original Corless V shaped
osteotomy in order to retain the stability.
To evaluate the mechanical and the clinical results of these modifications.
From January 2016 until June 2018, 15 patients (16 feet) have undergone new modification of
chevron osteotomy in medical city teaching hospitals, their ages were (25-50) year, the median
age±SD was (40±8.3), 2 male (3 feet), and 13 female, the patients included in this study have
intermetatarsal angles 12-20 and hallux valgus angle 23-46 degree all of them complaining of pain
or bursitis at the bunion site or discomfort in shoe wear, and followed clinically and radiologically
for at least 1 year.
The 15 patients included in this study have completed at least 6 months of follow up, the point at
which the final assessment was done, two of them were male (3 feet )(13.3%) their ages (43,45 y)
median 44.0 ± 1.4y , and 13 female (86.7%) their age range (23-50y) the median 38.0 ± 8.7y.
Significant improvements were noted in HVA (P- value 9.7x10-12 and IMA (P-value 1.6x10₋ 10)
measurements, also similar improvement were obtained about the functional outcome represented by
the AOFAS score results (P-value 6.4 x 10-9).
Modified chevron osteotomy was useful and safe to address mild to moderately severe cases of
hallux valgus, our new modification render it more stable with a high union rate.