Keywords : Spleenectomy

The Pattern Of Indications, Complications Of Splenectomy Personal Experience

Nooraddin Ismail Allaqolli

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2006, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 160-164

A prospective study of Splenectomy personal experience,with changing pattern of indications.
During the study period (Feb, 1990-Jan, 2006), a total of 411 splenectomies performed in erbil
governate for different indications.
The study included 411 patients, the age rang were 4– 65 years. Out of 411 cases 201 cases were due
to trauma (48.9%).
Trauma of different types remains the most common indication for splenic surgery & complications
like gastric or pancreatic fistula is historical complications.