Keywords : preoperative templating

The Validity of Preoperative Templating inCementless Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Pilot Study

HushamAbdulkareemSalih; MunaMuneer Ahmed

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 3, Pages 409-415

Preoperative templating plays an important role in orthopaedic surgery for achieving a successful
outcome in THA. This includes not only selecting the type and size of implant, but also deciding
on the alignment, position, and orientation of these implants, relying on anatomically defined
The first goal of this study was to evaluate the validity of preoperative templating technique in
terms of determining the final implant size and position.
The second goal was to investigate the interobserver and Intraobserver reliability of template
readings on conventional radiographs.
In Aljumhorei hospital, Mosul city a case series; pilot study has been carried for twenty-eight
patients had preoperative templating for total hip arthroplasty between 21/10/2009 to 16/5/2012
was carried by the operating surgeon. Preoperative templating by same two orthopedic surgeons
carried for 12 patients from the total. Preoperative templating for Seventeen patientsout of the total
were studied with the same operating surgeon after 2 years of experiences.
29% compatibility for shell between preoperative templating with intraoperative for the operator,
P_ 0.023. While for stem 39%P_ 0.257. Second surgeon 58% compatibility with P_0.564, Stem
differences represent 33% (P_ 0.248). Differences with two years experiences for the operating
surgeon indicate 35% compatibility both for shell and the stem with non-significant differences.
Preoperative templating appeared to be more accurate for femoral stem measurements than the
acetabular templating in determining the accurate sizes. Two years experienced added no more in
templating measurements. There were significant differences for interobserver measurements