Keywords : asthenospermia

Semen Quality of Infertile Couples--Comparison Between Smokers and Non-Smokers

Ammar Fadil Abid

Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2010, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 293-296

The effect of cigarette smoking on spermatogenesis is unclear. Previous studies suggest a deleterious effect of cigarette smoking on semen on semen quality ,but their results have not been consistent.
To compare the various semen parameters of infertile cigarette smokers with infertile non-smokers, to study the effect of cigarette smoking on semen quality.
Semen samples of 66 cigarette smokers and 70 non-smokers infertile patients were included in the study. As far as possible; other factors which might influence semen quality were eliminated. Seminal parameters, when taken together, indicated the presence or absence of the three main semen variables: asthenospermia (A), oligospermia (O), and normospermia (N). Smokers were categorized as light, moderate and heavy smokers. Semen samples were examined for Asthenospermia and oligospermia, according to World Health Organization guidelines.
In our study, 25 non-smokers had normospermia (N) with their semen parameters falling within the normal ranges. In contrast, samples from 16 smokers qualified as N. This finding underscores the fact that smoking certainly has an adverse influence on the semen quality, as concluded in several other studies.
Asthenospermia (A) was the most dominant semen variable contributing to the semen quality of smokers (n = 34) as well as non-smokers (n = 31). Statistical analysis using Pearson chi-squared and t-test found no statistically significant effect of cigarette smoking on sperm density; motility or morphologic features of sperm were detected.
Our study shows a limited effect of smoking on conventional sperm parameters.